• Melissa Lea Garcia

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Deepening my craft.

Honing in on function and interaction of the musculoskeletal system..

Redefining treatment protocol.

A wise mentor told me years ago that if I want to succeed in this industry,

Learn how to fix people.

Each time I touch a body,

Each time I assess a new teacher or a new class

throughout each consultation

I question...

Is there something here I can fix?

Or learn to fix?

I can tell you those words have shaped the last four years of my professional career.

From setting up a creative space that offers just the right potentiality for enlightened performance to the highly skilled teachers to the accumulation of just the right tools.

They allow me to go deeper and get closer to reaching your desired outcome for what might need fixing.

The body is much like a car.

Humans have all the same parts and pieces.

My craft is to know the components personally, deeply, and fluidly.

Magic is born in this space of science and intuition, knowledge and skill.

I'm off again to the Thai Bodywork Center and Coaching the Body Institute in Chicago the third weekend in October where I continue the path of digesting core concepts and where we....

Eliminate pain at its source with a unique approach to therapeutic bodywork.
Coaching the Body is a state of the art approach to therapeutic bodywork that utilizes techniques from traditional Thai massage as a means of efficiently treating trigger points in muscles and restoring normal motion, eliminating pain at its source.

My total bodywork training moves closer to 1500 hours. The focus is on clinical applications addressing myofascial pain and movement patterns.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding.

Investing in myself is investing in you.

Will you invest in you?

Let's take a look at what's hurting.

Bumblebee's Pain Therapy Intensives are made to get you moving at your best.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Learn. Grow. Expand. Share.

And keep going.

Hugs, Melissa

  • Melissa Lea Garcia

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Those who know me well, know I practice deep visceral and subconscious level transformation work.

Transformation meaning, the process of changing.

An example of a transformation is a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, yes?

Basically I seek to be, feel, and share the most brilliant and true version of myself.

Because as Wayne Dyer said, 'Don't die with your music still in you.'

And because how sad would it be for a caterpillar not to embody it's purest potential.

Last October, I was invited to be the guest of a gracious friends Landmark event.

Throughout the evening, I ran into other friends who were past attendees. I listened to participants of the weekends Landmark Forum. They all shared personal stories of complete transformation and massive break throughs in varying departments of their lives just over the course of one weekend.

A little trip to Landmarks website reads:

'The Landmark Forum offers a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs—achievements that are extraordinary, outside of what’s predictable.'

Most of what I've experienced in my journey of transformation falls out of mainstream norms.

Clearing the subconscious, healing my inner child, visceral clearings and soul retrievals have taken me from hanging off uncomfortable cliffs to the sacred reverence of traditional pipe and sweat ceremony to the complete surrender of Shibari.

I've learned mind-blowing experiences seem to be a natural phenomenon for the trauma healing and self actualizing seeker. Many of which are difficult to explain without using words like embodied, spiritual or consciousness.

They tend to be shared in a whisper with others seeking a deeper personal evolution and transformation...

Shared in a whisper for fear of rejection or perhaps the fear of being misunderstood?

I'm not sure which.

As I remember more and more that I too am a piece of the 'main-stream' fabric.

I remember separation is indeed an illusion.

For what it's worth, I'm excited to add a mainstream acceptable shift promising experience.

  • My initiation into the Landmark Forum happens the last weekend in October.

  • I couldn't be more grateful to my sponsor for inviting me as a guest last year.

  • I wonder what might come up from within me to be shifted and transformed.

  • I'm also contemplating who to invite as my special guest on the final evening.

Which leads me to some prodding....

Are you doing something today that will forever uplift your tomorrows?

Because, you understand doing more of the same will only bring about more of the same, yes?

You also understand change begins within, yes?

Be a seeker of the best you available to you. It will forever change your life.

Hugs, Melissa

A self-authorized caterpillar to butterfly tour guide.

  • Melissa Lea Garcia

Updated: May 16

One Tuesday a month Pampering Partners meets to pamper some lucky residents at Cedarhust in Shiloh.

The group was born and bloomed by heart-centered community leader Brigid Riebold.

Pamplering Partners offers foot baths and applies lotion to residents' hands and legs.

In a recent facebook post, Brigid asked for volunteers.

Quite honestly, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be this Tuesday.

Over the years, I've offered zumba and yoga to

assisted living residents. Providing compassionate touch and presence to residents sounds like an even more rewarding experience.

Why? Because science shows us the' happy' chemicals are released during massage resulting in feelings of relaxation and peace of mind.

How? Massage stimulates the vagus nerve which activates the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn sends a cocktail of dopamine and seratonin throughout the body. This natural phenomenon reduces stress hormone levels in the body.

According to research studies, massage results in a reduction in depression and anxiety for the receiver during and immediately after a massage treatment.

The Pampering Partners event gives the residents new memories of feeling cared for along with something to look forward to.

When was the last time you were touched in a way that made you feel like all is good in the world?

Bumblebee will offer hand massage, foot massage, head, neck and shoulder massage along side Pampering Partners, Pampering the Residents outreach at Cedarhurst in Shiloh, Illinois this Tuesday.

The group could use more hands, so if this sounds like something you're interested in, please reach out.

Hugs, Melissa

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