Couples Connection Program

An evidence based approach to creating a better relationship with your most significant other.

Bumblebee's program is based on a program developed for military couples presenting ptsd symptoms.  The original program developed into a study and follow-up indicating positive change and lasting results in the couples relationship after participating in the program. 

I'm excited to offer the Couples Connection Program to couples who are committed to experiencing deeper connection with each other.

Coming soon.

Bumblebee's somatic based Connection Therapy offerings typically complement and support traditional marriage counseling, relationship counseling, or family counseling. 

Always check with your physician prior to making significant changes to your wellness program.

If you are in acute pain, were in a recent accident, or incurred a major injury, please seek medical attention or evaluations prior to your first visit.

If you are experiencing acute depression or suicidal thoughts please seek a physicians care as soon as possible.  The national suicide lifeline is:   1-800-273-8255​

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