• Melissa Lea Garcia

Massage for Stress Relief @ Bumblebee

Updated: May 16

Massage for Stress Relief at Bumblebee supports you in finding immediate relief from the effects of stress or anxiety. In addition to specific massage and bodywork technique that encourage a soothing somatic response, we might layer in:

Introduction to breath, body and mind relationship,

Present moment awareness practices,

Centering and grounding practices,


Self hypnosis practices,

Somatic self soothe practices,

Guided meditation,

Supportive breath technique including a three part 'letting go' breath,

Supportive exercises to practice at home.

Sessions can also include

Emotional Release or Myofascial Unwinding,

Melissa is a 500 hour yoga teacher, practicing hypnotherapist and ongoing student of Body Memory Recall with former lead physical therapist at the John Barnes Institute in Sedona where she practices and studies emotional release and myofascial unwinding.

The overall intention of Massage for Stress Relief at Bumblebee is to support the client in the practice of letting go of stress or anxiety patterns by tapping into the body's natural state of harmony through somatic based therapy.

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